How to Use Events to Transform Your Demand Generation Strategy

Demand Generation isn’t easy. If you’re reading this blog, chances are you already know that. While you may know Demand Generation isn’t easy, you may not realize the game is actually getting harder. Yes, you read correctly. Here are just a few recent statistics that should give all of us in Demand Generation cause for pause.

According to HubSpot’s recent Demand Generation Benchmark Report, the majority of businesses generate fewer than 500 leads per month and what’s worse--70% of leads fail to convert into sales. 70% fail to convert. Gulp. And truth be told, 80% of companies are in fact generating fewer than 200 leads per month.

In fact, according to SalesForce’s 2015 State of Marketing Report, less than 3% of marketers rated their demand generation programs and campaigns as effective, while nearly 60% rated their practices as ineffective.

For these reasons, 68% of marketers also say that increasing the quality of leads is a top priority and 83% say they will be focusing on lead quality, rather than quantity.

In other words, the question most Demand Generation Professionals are asking is not so much “How Can I generate more leads?” but, “how can I generate higher quality leads?”

The short answer to this question is in-person events. In-person events are actually an incredibly powerful form of content that helps demand generation professionals:

  • Reduce the signal to noise ratio so you can engage your audience
  • Increase brand retention and build customer loyalty
  • Accelerate sales

In my latest blog post on Certain's Ignite blog, I discuss how events are critical to your demand generation strategy and in particular a phenomenal new case study showcasing how one company prescheduled 900 appointments at their primary event, driving millions of dollars in pipeline in less than 3 days. Please check out the full blog post and study if you'd like to learn how to use events to transform your demand generation strategy into a powerhouse.

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